Looking For Office & Work Party Idea’s? Here are our top five event idea’s!
Pool Table Hire

Looking For Office & Work Party Idea’s? Here are our top five event idea’s!

Top five office party idea’s with a twist. End of year party done right!

So it is that time of year again and you have been given the exciting task of organising the work or office end of year party celebrations. 1st step is trying to decide on a party idea that can cater for everyone and also be fun without breaking the budget. We have come up with a couple of idea’s to help you throw a party to be remembered. The games are a great entertainment choice for other events such as weddings, birthday parties and bucks parties. In this blog you will find some fun and exciting games you may not have heard of. Games to play on a foosball table, table tennis table, pool table and air hockey table.

1. Pool Table Games With A Difference. Consider Yourself A Pool Shark, Don’t Get Bitten With These Games.

So 1st up we have to start with the classic pool, or snooker. I’m sure you would agree that playing pool is a real ice breaker and will provide loads of entertainment playing the standard way, but here are some other uncommon games that you may not of heard of to play on a pool table.

Here are some simplified instructions on a way to play Cut Throat, you can also google the game for a more in depth rules.

Cut Throat : The game known as cut throat is a very unique way to play the game. You are able to play with 3 players and has rules that are pretty much the opposite of the classic game of pool.

Each player is assigned a set of balls and takes turns trying to sink the oppositions balls.  The objective of the game is to be the last player on the table with minimum 1 of their balls remaining on the table.

Here are some simplified instructions on a way to play Straight pool, you can also google the game for a more in depth rules.

Straight Pool : Straight pool is a fun game which is also commonly known as continuous pool. A very popular game which is a point scoring game. You can set the wining score at the beginning of the game for a quick game or longer game.

Each ball is typically worth 1 point and the first person to reach 100 points wins. As it is a call pocket game, a player is able to indicate which ball the player must sink to continue on the table.

2. Fun Foosball Games To Play. Play Foosball With A Twist Of The Wrist. (Literately)

Foosball is an extremely popular game and is one of my personal favorites. It can be played by almost any age and is great for all levels on skill with 1 main objective. The game of foosball will be sure to provide house of entertainment and will be a hit at any event. Foosball can be played by 2 or even 4 players.

Here are some simplified instructions on a way to play 1 handed foosball, you can also google the game for a more in depth rules.

1 Handed Foosball : It may seam like a simple game to play, but even the most skilled players will be tested.

1 handed Foosball is played with the same rules of the traditional game although instead of 2 hands allowed on the table you are only allowed to use 1 hand. With 4 bars on each side which you need to control, you will be tested.

Here are some simplified instructions on a way to play penalty shots foosball, you can also google the game for a more in depth rules.

Penalty Shots: Penalty shots is played with the same concept of the tradition game but with a little twist. (no pun intended). Line your players up and go for it.

Depending on your choice of difficulty, it is most commonly played with the 3 man bar shooting for the oppositions goal. Each team can have 5 shoots at the goal with the most goals at the end of the game wining.

3. Fun Air Hockey Games To Play. Don’t Slip Up.

Air hockey is another great game to play which is great for teams of 2 each side or even 1 vs 1. Air hockey is a game that can be played by most ages and also most skill levels. Your main aim of the game is to slide the puck into the oppositions goal using a plastic mallet which you slide on the table.

5 Sliders : This will test your hand and eye coordination while producing a ton of laughs. Before the game each player gets 2 pucks each and 1 is on the table. Throughout the game you are able to add a puck onto the table and play with 2 pucks. If skill levels are high you may have 5 sliders on the table at any one time.

Air hockey is a really fun game and can be played by most ages. The air hockey games is popular for birthday parties, office parties and weddings. You will need a power outlet to run the fan which assists in the puck to move. The air hockey is can be played on the ends so can be placed up against a wall near a power point to ensure their are no cords that can cause a hazard. Overall a fun game that will no doubt provide endless entertainment. The air hockey is available for short term hire from revolution rentals online hire catalogue.

4. Table Tennis, You Will Be Bouncing With Excitement.

An extremely popular game, table tennis is the go to game when you are looking for a game that will be enjoyed by all. Ping pong is great for most ages and skill levels. You are able to play with 2 players each side or 1 vs 1.

Ping pong basketball : Ping pong basketball is a fun game which is played by place a cup on either side of the table. Each player has turns trying to hit the ping pong ball into the oppositions cup with each player able to block the shoot at their ends. You can make up your own scoring system but generally a fun way is to stick with basketball rules.

Double Paddle: Double paddle is played exactly how you would imagine, each player has 2 paddles. Using both paddles to hit the ball across the net, this game can be difficult especially if you have 1 dominant hand. This game is generally played with 1 player on each side.

5. Round Robin , The Champ Is Here!

Last but not least the fan favorite, a round robin tournament to determine the champion! Everyone has a turn playing each game and at the end of the tournament the player with the most wins is the champion. You are able to create your own tournament with 1 table or all tables. Adding some fun rules to your games and prizes will really boost the atmosphere.

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