DIY Home Staging Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Home When Selling.
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DIY Home Staging Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Home When Selling.

DIY property styling. Increase your property sale. Sell your property faster with designer furniture and appliance hire. DIY property styling is an excellent tool when looking to achieve maximise results and sell faster. Rent furniture to style your home and boost your interiors. We have put together some benefits of home staging below.

Are you looking to boost your sales campaign and sell your property faster?
The first step and often most difficult is deciding to take the leap and sell your property. Congrats on this big step and difficult decision at times. Preparing your home for sale with property styling and furniture hire unlocks the potential to significantly increase your chances of achieving a high sales price along with a faster sale. Staging your home for sale is a must in today’s competitive Sydney market. A Beautifully styled home will attract more buyers and bring the right attention to your home.

You should consider the target market you are trying to appeal to.
Styling your home to appeal to your target market is extremely important. Setting your rooms up in a way to capture a potential buyers imagination and emotions is one of the most important aspects in property styling. If you are wondering what to do with that extra small room, look at what your target market would considering using it for. For example if it is a family orientated suburb look at creating a small kids room or if it is in a area with young couples, maybe a small nursery. The possibilities are endless and with a little research you will be on track to maximise your sale in no time.

Should you style your home for sale? Need convincing that property styling works?
The home is generally your single largest asset and one that at sale time, gives you the opportunity to maximise profits. This opportunity however is missed by so many homeowners due to lack of time, different information from many sources and preparation.

In today’s property market, competition is very high and can be unpredictable. One of the smartest ways to make your property stand out against your neighbors and the competition is to style your home with furniture and accessories that will enhance the aesthetic value and give buyers a unforgettable first impression. You will find many case studies which detail how a beautifully styled home sold faster with many more enquiries from potential buyers. As with everything in life, a well presented product is more likely to sell then a product which is presented bland. Selling your home is no different, and with a relatively small investment you have the opportunity to unlock endless possibilities.

But is it simply furniture and accessories? What is property styling?
Well, you can say it is just a lounge or just a vase but the value these items will bring to your home is priceless. What you want for your buyers to do is feel an emotional connection to your home as soon as they step through the door. You want your buyers to be able to envisage their future in your home and know exactly how they will set up the space. Property styling these days has become such a wide spread industry that offers options for all home sizes, every situation and any budget so displaying your home at its full potential is worthwhile and so important. You now have options with home staging including do it yourself options and also professional options from talented stylists who can do all the hard work for you. You are able to hire furniture from our online catalogue to suit the style of your home and target market.

DIY property styling or Professional style? Which one is better?
While both options are great, you will need to choose if you would like to pursue DIY styling or hire a professional to do all the hard work for you. You will find many benefits with both options and what ever option you decide, will increase your chances of achieving maximum results in your sales campaign. If you are confident in your styling ability and would like to give it a go, do it yourself property styling is the way to go, although if you are a little unsure and would prefer a stylist to do all the hard work for you, professional styling option is a smart choice. Revolution Style Hub offer’s both options of home staging with Diy options and professional styling options. Both home staging services include many great benefits including indefinite rental periods, no minimum rental term and no minimum order amount for Diy styling. Our style range furniture hire catalogue is easy to use and gives you the opportunity to style your home your self.

Just some of the benefits of home staging and having a styled home includes:
Maximize Value –

Most real estate agents believe that styling a home for sale will achieve a faster sale and higher sale price. By styling your property you will broaden your market to appeal to a larger audience. 

Think about your Budget –

Although professional styling can be a large expense in some cases, most of the time this cost is recovered in the sale of the property. Also, the options for property styling these days is so broad and more cost-effective options have become available such as partial property styling and DIY styling.

Stand Out Photography –

A styled home will look amazing on print or online advertising. This will attract many buyers who will often choose to inspect a home when they are impressed with the photos. A simple photo can be the moment that changes the outcome of your sale.

Faster turn over –

A home that has been styled means you are presenting buyers with a move-in ready home which means less time and less stress after the property is sold.

Connection –

Styling your home rather than offering up an empty space can make prospective buyers have an emotional reaction to your home and helps them visualise where they may place their furniture. This is very important for home buyers as most home buyers respond to a good first impression.

Modernise –

Styling you home can lead to modernising an otherwise outdated or flawed space. A rug can simply be placed over well used carpet, or a picture over a scratched wall surface.

The choice is yours! Style within your budget.

Whether you decide to enlist the hand of a professional stylist or you think you have a knack for choosing colours or decorating and try your hand at DIY styling, the prospects of a well-presented home are far greater than that of displaying a cluttered and lived in home or an empty home with no appeal.

Revolution Style Hub Offer a professional styling service with a talented property stylist.