Transform Your Spare Room With Property Styling.
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Transform Your Spare Room With Property Styling.

What should you do with that small spare room, you know the one that is just that tad bit small to be a full size bedroom and has somehow become the ‘junk’ room? Utilising every bit of space in your property is important and will bring the right attention your property deserves. Here are some tips we have put together, to hopefully spark some idea’s to help you make your room an appealing asset to your home.

  • Play with colours but be cautious. Choosing colours can be a tricky task as you need to decide what the room is going to be used for before a colour can be picked. Darker colours are a great option if you are trying to create an intimate feel and lighter tones of colour are an excellent choice for rooms with natural lights and open features. Choosing colours such as white are great for rooms with natural light as it can really boost the openness feel of the room and will not feel as small or tight as apposed to darker colours. If your room does not have natural light and is more of a dark room it may be a wise move to choose colours that may be considered a little quirky.
  • Add mirrors and use reflections to your advantage –  This could be considered the old trick in the book but can be the little point of difference you need to make the room feel loved. Mirrors will help with the feel of a larger space and will bring the illusion that the space is larger then it actually is.
  • So, what is the room going to be? .No, not the ‘spare room’.  Give your room a title like a bedroom or study. Although this can be a time consuming thought process, it will most likely pay itself off when it comes down to it. It is really important when selling your home that the potential buyer can feel a sense of personal connection to all of your rooms and feels that it is value for money. To help you decide you can take inspiration from the adjoining or close room to make it feel like an extension.
  • Dress up the room with stylish accessories . When the room is not in use, utilize this moment to showcase just how pretty and stylish the room can become. Using things such as cushions, rugs and lamps with really bring a personality to the room and will tie everything together. Of course you will need to keep everything in sync to ensure it doesn’t look to mismatched.
  • Select the right furniture. Once you have decided on what the room will be ‘called’ and its purpose, you should decide on the right furniture to compliment the features and style of the room. Be sure to measure your space and play around with different positions and layouts.
  • A feature wall may work. Wallpaper, bold colours, different textures. These are options to create a wall which will catch the attention of who ever enters the room and can manipulate how you see the shape of the room.

So there you have it, some tips from our Revolution Style Hub on what to do with that annoying small room. Styling your home for sale can be a tricky task, Revolution Style Hub offer a range of services to help you achieve maximum value of your property with home staging. We offer options for DIY home staging for those of you who have a keen eye for design and wish to have a go and also a directory of trusted stylists which can offer expert advice and can provide a full home styling service.

If you are looking at selling your property and would like to see if you can achieve the full potential of your property with home staging, contact Revolution Style Hub and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist.